Recurrent Miscarriages

A couple who had recurrent miscarriages lost hope and were disheartened. By approaching Malpani Clinic, the couple is now confident and is all set to recommend this place to those looking to have a baby.  Below is an IVF success story after recurrent miscarriages to help you.

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Read the below story of a couple who had recurrent miscarriages to know more about their experience 🙂

 I am 36 years old now and have been pregnant four times in the last six years. I had two miscarriages i.e the 1st pregnancy was a blighted ovum and ended at 4 weeks. The 3rd pregnancy had a fetal heart rate which ended at 8 weeks.

I met Dr. Malpani at his clinic when I was pregnant the 2nd time and was worried that I might not be able to go through with the pregnancy like my first one. However, when I met Dr. Malpani he put me on medication and more than that gave me a lot of reassurance that every pregnancy is different. One night when I was in my 9th week I started bleeding and the thought that I might have a miscarriage again crossed my mind, I immediately called Dr. Malpani who put me on medication and again told me that I should rest and stay calm. Everything went through fine and I delivered a baby boy who is now 4 years old. My interractions with the doctor were always reassuring and he was always reachable through phone or email.

Now I am in the 5th month of my fourth pregnancy and had again visited Dr. Malpani after loosing my 3rd baby. Met him after a couple of years but it was the same assurance and timely medications that got me through this pregnancy. Prior to this pregnancy the doctor told me that I should start on Glyciphage which I did religiously before conceiving again.

Dr. Malpani’s clinic always gives a very comforting feeling with friendly nurses and support staff. Also, all the medications and the scan equipment is under one roof so as a patient I am completely taken care of once I visit the clinic. Normally chemists don’t stock expensive medicines like Utrogeston 200 which are difficult to find so I used to buy it from Dr. Malpani’s clinic itself.

I would strongly suggest to all couples longing for a child to meet Dr. Malpani’s at least once and see what he has in mind as a solution to your problem.

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