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Infertile Patients are often confused. They get so much conflicting information from so many different sources.

The more you know easier it is for your IVF doctor to help you and the easier it will be for you to shield yourself from all the myths and misconceptions which hundreds of people will bombard you, so the only way to protect yourself is by investing in information therapy and the good news is a lot of this information is available in this site.It is all free, it’s updated & published by IVF Expert Doctor.

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Malpani Baby Kit is a new product and is very useful for couples with sexual dysfunction, where the man has difficulty in ejaculating in the vagina, either because of vaginismus or premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. This kit will help you solve your problem in the privacy of your own bedroom, and comes with complete instructions. You can read more about how to perform self-insemination.

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