IVF success story of Azoospermia

Azoospermia , as the name suggests , refers to the condition in which there are no sperm in the semen. This diagnosis can come as a rude shock, because most men with a zero count have normal libido; normal sexual function; and their semen looks completely normal too. The diagnosis can only be made by examining the semen under a microscope in the laboratory. Below is one of our patients IVF success story of Azoospermia.

Meet one of our patient who was suffering from azoospermia and below is their IVF success story of azoospermia at Malpani infertility clinic

We got married in Jan 2003 and came to know around June 2006 that we were not able to achieve parenthood due to me having a status of azoospermia. We both were quite okay with the diagnosis and were more worried about how the family would react to it. As expected my mom went hyper. I was glad that the problem was with me and not my wife as that would have been more difficult to handle within the family.

We were okay with our status however due to frequent pestering of the elders we consulted an infertility specialist who directed us to an andrologist, who in a 15 minute procedure declared that there are enough jumping sperms in my testicles and I can become a father. We underwent our first IVF procedure in March 2008, without success, mainly the problem was on our side, as both of us were not mentally prepared to becoming parents and the drive had more been from the parents than self.

In Jan 2011 we started doing a survey on who would be the infertility specialist that we should approach, after doing rounds of a couple of renowned hospitals in Mumbai, we consulted Dr.Malpani, we liked his practical normal approach and were also motivated this time around. However the best part for us was we both were taking it in steps than worrying for the results and were ready to give our time. Our appointment with the doctor usually was after a dating session, wherein we would go out for lunch then meet up with the doctor and do a little walking either at Colaba or Marine Drive.

It was always pleasant to meet the doctor, who tried hard to coach us on the medical status, progress and the procedure being followed which was very systematically and explained in detail to us. On our each visit, individual attention was given by the doctor, and in the first round itself inspite of some glitches my wife was successful in producing around 18 eggs . We did PESA-ICSI and 16 good healthy embryos were formed. These were frozen; and the transfer was deferred to reduce the risk of OHSS.

The doctor asked us to wait for my wife to get back to normal and after two months in June 2011 four of the healthy embryos were transferred after thawing them. The results were awaited and the doctor had asked us to behave normally so my wife was going to work during that time too. However as the days for the results were nearing we were becoming tensed and rather than sitting at home, we went out for outings.

The results came and it was positive, initially it was two sacs that were being shown in the scan report, however after two weeks it came down to one which was growing normally.

We really appreciate Dr.Malpani’s patience in explaining us the procedure, the methodological approach which resulted us we being the parents of a healthy baby.

We have another 12 frozen embryos in storage; and plan to go back after 2 years to complete our family !

Our sincere thanks to Dr.Malpani, his wife and his entire nursing staff.

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